Warfare always leaves wisdom for the rest. Russia Ukraine Crisis was unexpected to emerge, even last minute. The outbreak of such a conflict in present times resulted in a game-changer. What was perceived and what was well understood regarding the fairness of International Order and International Principal wilted away. The hypocrisy and the double standards of West and Western-led Media were in the wind. Thus, the obsession of Western media with hypocrisy was unleashed.

On one hand, the language used to frame the Russia Ukraine Crisis was out of the ordinary. The blue-eyed, blond-haired, white skin people of Ukraine were portrayed as “heroes” and “worthy” refugees. Emphasizing, how your narrative reach is controlled over social media. What to be censored and what be made public remains under the control of the West, orders from on high.

On the other hand, the duplicity was evident when, within four days, an emergency meeting was called in by the General Assembly of the United Nations to discuss the developing crisis. West alleged that Europe isn’t the place like the Middle East where conflict ranges for decades. Europe is very civilized and hence the emergence of such a crisis in Ukraine is unfit. Depicting the conflict only belongs to the people of the Middle East, people other than white skin.

Long before the emergence of the Russia Ukraine Crisis, the War, its suffering, and its damage, were only entitled to the People other than European, other than the blue eyes, blonde hair, and white skin. It took the world by surprise when Western Media portrayed, white people fleeing their country as a “tragedy.” Prior to this, when refugees flew to Syria as a consequence of the Syrian Civil War for asylum, suddenly Europe was too congested to accommodate any. Simply because of the fact that the West believed that the conflict belonged with Middle Eastern people and it’s just who they are. But when it comes to Ukraine, the human rights violation, refugee crisis, war damage becomes a “tragedy” than just another conflict.

The refugee influx from Ukraine was termed as immigration of great quality intellectuals. The Ukrainian refugees were title as the prosperous middle class people and not obviously refugees trying to get away from areas in the Middle East.

The Western narrative revealed that how the color of people’s skin, hair, and where they are coming from is far more important than the actual issue. The very nature of biased Western is clearly exemplified. The beginning of Russia Ukraine conflict was a moment of realization that war is not confined to any particular color, breed or a region. It can happen to anyone, anywhere.

The West’s hypocrisy is not confined to Arab or Middle Eastern states, rather it comprises all the underdeveloped countries. Perfectly, strings along in the case of Kashmir.
The world moral compass is West-centric to decide what’s liable to punishment and what’s not. Whose misery is misery and who just deserves it.

West Made International Law
Concerning the third world approach, international law is made by the Westerners as global law. Intended to govern the global proceedings. By using international law as an object to uphold the colonial and neo-colonial disparity for the purpose of dominating the third world countries. That too without securing their consent, subjecting them to their set standards of international law. Conceding the rights of the people belonging to sovereign states under international law, true example of colonialism in 21st century. Where colonial warlords used to dictate notions of equality and grounds of justice ensuring enslavement of the larger part of humanity via colonial policies implantation.

The western centrism in the international law is patent through west manipulative tactics. There are good reasons for the third world states manipulation, one is the international security regime. ISR reveals gaps between the underdeveloped, deprived, indulged in violent conflictual realities the Global South as compared to a more developed and flourishing North. These gaps driven by inequality imitate miserable failures. The conflict of interest, conflicts led by conflict entrepreneurs, poor understanding, resource hindrances, etc. Also reflects a collaborative, mutual scheme by the Westerners and West-led international institutions opposing the third world, the very Global South. Coincides with the Luckham’s “The Two Faces of security in Hybrid political order”, He reasons, Security, (like development), is all too often seen as something the North delivers through its policy interventions and aid programmers, rather than as the product of obtaining positive changes in the developing South. This validates that the international order (security regimes, humanitarian aid programs) is a Global North fabrication at the impairment of the developing Global South.

Scrutinizing Russia Ukraine conflict, the West’s control pattern of economic policies and actions of international financial institutions via International law is very evident. How Westerns have the power to manipulate international law whenever and however they would like. Furthermore, inadequate or unbalanced development, the gap between the North and South is a threat not only to individual’s security but to international peace as well.

With respect to regional collation, now is the time to discontinue the snail’s pace, focus on our development, be more inward-looking, and most importantly more self-reliant. Emphasizing the local economies to flourish, through regional trade. Instead of being fully reliant on partners and allies. To look out for a model that is diversified and not solely dependent on the West.

Where are we headed to?
The emergence of Ukrainian conflict divulges the “uncertainty” to the world, that the world will continue to be uncertain.

This uncertainty was a moment of realization for the world outside the precincts of Europe, to be self-sustainable. The conviction that World War III is more of a false impression in today’s world. A world where we are very well educated, a lot more civilized, and above all we have well-learned are lessons from history, was challenged when NATO invaded Russian territory.

It’s fully understood that anything that goes against the moral compass of Western powers will provoke your moment of redundancy in the international order. Why? Because of the lack of international law and principles, that can give you the right to explain your reasons and protect the ideals and values of each state individually. That recognizes the limitations of each state (including the superpower) on the grounds of equity. Not like the United Nations or NATO which are driven by the vested interest of the supreme powers, in the end.

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