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Saudi-led coalition says it confronted an explosive drone fired towards Khamis Mushait near Abha International Airport. The Saudi-led coalition is fighting Houthi rebels in Yemen.Nonetheless, the Saudi-led coalition
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The country’s foreign minister told that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) decided to extend a $2 billion loan to Pakistan. The country's Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed
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Prime Minister Imran Khan in a meeting said that the government had no intention of lifting the ban over TLP.Prime Minister Khan made it clear on Tuesday that
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Many powerful politicians and influential media might give the impression that rich countries, particularly in the West, are doing more than enough to help people fleeing war and persecution. But in reality, the picture looks very different. Instead, lower- and middle-income countries are doing much more than their
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Afghanistan is one of the most dangerous countries in the world for journalists. The killing of journalists is an attack on the independence of the media. When journalists are threatened and targeted with impunity, it emboldens perpetrators and creates a climate of fear and self-censorship in the media. In Afghanistan
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