About Us

Strategic Research Institute (SRI) is a non-partisan, non-political and non-governmental research organization based in Islamabad. The SRI aspires to share facts and knowledge about security, counter- terrorism, strategic and social issues, and the ongoing conflicts in the region through the medium of infographics, short videos, and research reports. We, at SRI, strive to create a better understanding of the knowledge required for policy making through undertaking independent, impartial and objective research and  transmitting it to the audience in a manner that would be easier to comprehend.
In addition, there is a vacuum of platforms which can represent Pakistan’s side of the story globally through digital media channels. SRI attempts to positively fill this vacuum by disseminating Pakistan- oriented content on a regular basis. SRI, for the first time, is now introducing its digital magazine, Pakistan Watch, which is aimed at providing a publication covering areas of concern from politico- economic to the effect of people-to-people relations for Pakistan, either domestically, regionally or internationally. The main objective of Pakistan Watch is to present Pakistan’s perspective in front of the international community which has not been delivered rightly.

What We Do


SRI focuses on security challenges faced by Pakistan in the form of both traditional and non–traditional threats.


Our team aims at producing data from the valid and authentic sources and provides a full fledge research on diverse topics.


SRI with its presence on social media influences a huge audience including students and policy makers based in Pakistan as well as internationally.

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