SEOUL: North Korea verified its first-ever Covid-19 cases on Thursday and declared a “ serious exigency”, with leader Kim Jong Un appearing in a mask on TV for the first time to order civil lockdowns.

Hours after the shock advertisement — the first time the nuclear-fortified country has admitted to having Covid cases — Seoul’s service said it had detected three short-range ballistic dumdums fired from near Pyongyang.

The launch, one of further than a dozen warrants- busting munitions tests so far this time, comes shortly after Washington advised that Kim’s governance could test a nuke any day, with satellite images indicating fresh exertion at nuclear spots.

Before Thursday, North Korea said it had moved into a “ maximum exigency epidemic forestallment system” after cases with complications in Pyongyang tested positive for the “ Omicron BA.2 variant” of Covid.

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Kim, wearing a mask on state TV for the first time, oversaw an exigency politburo meeting to bandy the outbreak and “ called on all the metropolises and counties of the whole country to completely lock down their areas”.

Kim told the meeting that the thing was to “ snappily cure the infections in order to annihilate the source of the contagion spread,” sanctioned news agency KCNA said, without specifying how numerous cases had been detected.

With its 25 million people not vaccinated against Covid, North Korea’s worsening health structure would struggle to deal with a major outbreak, experts say.




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