TEHRAN: Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Wednesday indicted the US of seeking to manipulate the people by supporting demurrers sparked by Mahsa Amini’s death, as authorities ordered a disquisition into a videotape showing officers savagely beating a protester that rights groups said exposed the sheer brutality of the police suppression against demurrers sparked by the death of Mahsa Amini.

The Islamic democracy has been rocked by six weeks of demurrers that burned over Amini’s death after her arrest in Tehran for an alleged breach of the country’s dress law for women.

In a common statement last week, Iran’s intelligence ministry and its Revolutionary Guards’ intelligence services indicted Washington of conspiring with its abettors to “spark screams” in the country.

“The reports of intelligence agencies show that the adversary had established a plan for Tehran and the country’s large and small metropolises,” Khamenei said, pertaining to the US.

He was speaking to a group of schoolchildren, invited to mark the anniversary of the launch of the 1979 hostage extremity at the US delegacy in Tehran.

“Their plan, their ideal is to get the Iranian people to follow them, and the opinion of the Iranian peop­­le to come identical to the opinion of the British and American leaders,” Khamenei said.

The kick movement that erupted over Amini’s death has spread to seminaries where, according to online vids, girls have removed their headscarves and chan­ted anti-government taglines.

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Shocking videotape
Independently, a shocking videotape that surfaced late on Tuesday on social media, shot at night on a mobile phone purportedly in a quarter of Tehran, showed a team of around a dozen bobbies in an alley remonstrating and beating a man with their bludgeons, as other officers on motorbikes looked on.

The man originally tried to cover his head with his hands, before the sound of a projectile is heard and he’s run over by a police motorbike. His motionless body is also abandoned.

“This shocking videotape transferred from Tehran is another terrible memorial that the atrocity of Iran’s security forces knows no bounds,” Amnesty International said.

“Amid an extremity of immunity, they’re given free rein to severely beat and shoot protesters,” it added, calling on the UN Human Rights Council to “urgently probe these crimes”.

Iran’s police force blazoned in a statement published by state news agency IRNA that an order had been issued to “probe the exact time and place of the incident and identify the malefactors.” “The police absolutely don’t authorize violent and unconventional geste and will deal with the malefactors according to the rules,” the statement added.




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