A disagreement over restrictions on the wearing of the hijab by womanish scholars in a southern Indian state has now reached India’s most vibrant state of Uttar Pradesh, with a group of youths asking a council to ban the head covering.

Authorities closed sodalities in Karnataka in India’s south last week after a new invariant policy barred scholars from wearing headscarves in classrooms, leading to demurrers by Muslim scholars and counter-protests by Hindu scholars.

Muslims have criticized the ban as another way of marginalizing a community that accounts for about 13 percent of Hindu- maturity India’s1.35 billion people.

In Uttar Pradesh, in the country’s north and skirting New Delhi, a group of further than two dozen youthful men reached the Dharma Samaj College in Aligarh quarter on Monday and handed a memorandum to its officers seeking a complete ban on the hijab within its emulsion.

They had saffron roquelaures around their necks — generally worn by Hindus — said the council’s principal proctor, Mukesh Bharadwaj, adding he didn’t honor the people. Presently, religious garb isn’t allowed in classrooms but can be worn away on the lot.

“Two times ago the same issue was raised and it has been raised again. We don’t allow any type of religious livery and we have got a civil law of livery for everyone,” Bharadwaj told Reuters by phone on Tuesday.

“There’s a changing room for girls and they can change their dress there before attending class,” he said.”We’re probing the matter.”

Uttar Pradesh, estimated to have as numerous people as Brazil, is ruled by Hindu monk Yogi Adityanath from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party and is in the midst of an amulti-phase election that ends the coming month. Hindu-Muslim controversies are frequently used for political earnings in the state.

The hijab issue has formerly reached a court in Karnataka. Sounds will renew on Tuesday on whether the hijab should be allowed in class.




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