The plant’s owner, Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc., intends to release 7,800 tonnes of water until June 4 for a total of 54,600 tonnes for this fiscal year.

Amidst strong protest from China and Russia, Japan has released the sixth batch of cleaned radioactive water from the wrecked Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant into the sea.

By June 4, some 7,800 tonnes of water will be released from the facility, according to Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc., the operator, as reported by Kyodo News in Tokyo.

Around 39,000 tonnes of treated water have been discharged over the course of the last five rounds since August 24 of last year. This fiscal year, which started in April, the operator aims to release approximately 54,600 tonnes of water.

The most recent nuclear waste leak occurred one day after China and Russia vocally objected to Japan’s release of water tainted by radioactive waste, seeking open discussions with other nations and international organizations.

President Vladimir Putin of Russia visited China, and the two countries encouraged Japan to manage the water responsibly, under long-term IAEA oversight, in order to safeguard marine life and public health.

But Tokyo issued a statement expressing “deep regrets” over the statement, claiming that both Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping had made claims that were “contrary to the facts.”





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