SRINAGAR: Six suspected fighters and an Indian dogface were killed during two separate clashes in enthralled Kashmir overnight, police said on Thursday, rounding off another bloody time in the disputed home.

Police said the six fighters killed in two townlets belonged to Jaish-e-Mohammad.

A police statement issued on Thursday said one of the four Indian security help wounded in the clashes failed of pellet injuries in a sanitarium.

Officers say that at least 380 fighters, nearly 100 civilians, and over 80 security help have been killed in the disputed region since August 2019.

That was when New Delhi abandoned the region’s limited autonomy and brought it under direct rule, adding to wrathfulness among locals and galvanizing support for tone- determination.

Original police principal Vijay Kumar told the Economic Times daily this week that some 70 percent of the youths who joined militant species this time “ were either killed or arrested”.

Utmost of those arrested are being held under anti-terrorism legislation called the Unlawful Conditioning Prev­e­ntion Act (UAPA). The law allows people to be held for six months — frequently rolled over — without being charged and bail is nearly in-solvable.

One of those — in guardianship since November — is Khurram Parvez, program fellow for a reputed rights group, the Jammu Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society.

On December 1 the UN Human Rights Office criticized his arrest and said that the UAPA “ raises serious enterprises relating to the right of presumption of innocence along with other due process and fair trial rights”.




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