Pakistan on Saturday explosively rejected and opposed the Indian government’s reported plan to hold a G20 event in India- enthralled Jammu and Kashmir( IOJK) coming time.

According to a report published in The Indian Express on Friday, India has decided to host the meetings of the G20 in the disputed region coming time and formed a five- member commission to coordinate the event.

An sanctioned order issued by IOJK’s casing and civic development department on Thursday revealed that the commission was formed in response to a June 4 communication from the Indian Ministry of External Affairs.

Independently, a Hindustan Times report said that this would be the first major transnational” peak” to be held in engaged Kashmir after the Indian government abandoned its special status guaranteed under Composition 370 of the Constitution.

In a statement issued by the Foreign Office moment, Pakistan condemned the neighbouring country’s plans, stressing that enthralled Kashmir was an internationally recognised “ disputed ” home between Pakistan and India.

The home has been under forcible and illegal occupation of India since 1947 and this disagreement has remained on the docket of the United Nations Security Council for over seven decades.

The FO observed that India was responsible for” wide atrocities and obvious mortal rights violations” in the region.” Since its illegal and unilateral conduct of August 5, 2019, Indian occupation forces have killed 639 innocent Kashmiris in extra-judicial murders.

” multitudinous reports of the UN, including the two commissioned by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights( OHCHR) in 2018 and 2019, havere-confirmed ongoing Indian atrocities against the Kashmiri people,” the statement stressed.

It continued that meaning the holding of any G20- related meeting/ event in engaged Kashmir was in maximum” casualness of the encyclopedically conceded disputed status of the home” and was a” travesty” that the transnational community couldn’t accept under any circumstances.

” It’s anticipated that in case of any similar controversial offer from India, which would be designed to seek transnational legality for an illegal and tyrannical occupation continuing for over 7 decades, the G20 members will be completely cognisant of the imperatives of law and justice and would reject it outright.”

Pakistan also explosively prompted the transnational community to call upon India to end its gross and methodical violations of mortal rights in IOJK, drop its illegal and unilateral conduct, and free all political captures including the true Kashmiri leaders.

” The only way to lasting peace in South Asia is by granting the people of the Indian Immorally enthralled Jammu and Kashmir their inalienable right to tone- determination as pledged to them in the applicable UN Security Council judgments ,” the FO added.

Correction A former interpretation of this story inaptly stated that the FO’s response was on India planning to host a G20″ peak” when the response was actually on a planned G20″ meeting/ event”. The error is rued.




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