NEW DELHI: Jammu and Kashmir Hurriyat Party and other opposition groups on Tuesday slammed India’s recent move to allow non-Kashmiris to buy land, saying New Delhi had put up Jammu and Kashmir on trade.

In a statement, Kashmir’s All Parties Hurriyat Conference headed by confined Mirwaiz Umar Farooq said it has “explosively appealed to the transnational community to take cognizance of the systemic demographic change being palmed upon Muslim maturity Jammu & Kashmir, by settling outlanders then including through a new policy of trade of land and natural coffers to them.”

APHC said that of Government of India wants to change the demographic character of Muslim maturity J&K and empower its residers through similar fiats. It said the measures were aimed at scuttling “ the final resolution of the long-standing transnational political disagreement of Kashmir in agreement with the will and bournes of its people as promised by the transnational community, grounded on principles of justice and transnational law.”

Since August 2019, in race one after another authoritarian laws and fiats are being enforced in the state towards this end and “ to grease the electoral prospects of the ruling party in India as J&K has come to its favorite trouncing boy.”

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The Indian administration was pursuing a peak and rule policy by unyoking the population of J&K “ on the base of persuasions, regions, races and political interests to fracture political bournes and voices,” the Hurriyat statement said.

Last week the J&K administration, headed by Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha, changed land use laws and allowed re-classifying agrarian land for non-agricultural purposes.

The decision started strong review from indigenous parties, who said the land would be used to settle on locals.

Lately, the government told congress that only seven plots of land had been bought in J&K following the scrapping of special status.

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Allowing people from outside J&K to buy land in the UT was one of the major talking points for the BJP and the center, but so far that doesn’t feel to be the case.

APHC said that the situation in J&K is “ deeply disturbing and largely cathartic as people are the entering end of this social mindset.”

It asked people not to lose stopgap but stay watchful and alert “ and guard their right over their land and coffers as much as possible.”

The Indian government and its handpicked administration have held a real estate peak in Jammu (the first of its kind) to encourage people from across the country to buy land, or an alternate home, in Jammu and Kashmir.




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