ISLAMABAD: The Foreign Office on Thursday dismissed the Indian armed force boss’ claims about the presence of platforms and instructional courses in Azad Kashmir as deceptive and cautioned that Delhi’s expansionist plans represented a danger to local harmony and dependability.

In a reply to Gen Naravane’s comments at a public interview in front of India’s Army Day, the FO said: “Pakistan completely dismisses the Indian Army Chief’s deceptive remarks implying the presence of purported ‘platforms’ and ‘instructional courses’ across the Line of Control (LoC).”

The FO said Gen Naravane’s claims were important for India’s proceeding with the malevolent enemy of Pakistan publicity being accelerated by the BJP-RSS consolidate in charge in India.

The Indian government, it said, was driven by a hostile and expansionist plan inserted in the capricious idea of “Akhand Bharat”, which represented a grave danger to provincial harmony.

The FO said the claims against Pakistan were “a frantic endeavor” to redirect worldwide consideration from India’s unabated state-psychological oppression and offensive basic freedoms infringement in involved Kashmir.

“Pakistan approaches India to forthwith stop its oppression in the IIOJK, repudiate its mission of mistreatment of Kashmiris, and let them practice their right to self-assurance as vowed to them under the important UN Security Council goals,” it said.

The FO repeated Pakistan’s obligation to seek after a significant exchange with India for a serene goal of generally exceptional questions, including Jammu and Kashmir. The onus, it said, was, nonetheless, on India to establish an empowering climate favorable for exchange.

Talking at the FO instructions, representative Asim Iftikhar said Pakistan stayed focused on tranquil relations with its neighbors including India.

He lamented that there was no noticeable change in the antagonistic mentality and negative conduct of India in spite of the fact that it was liable for giving a helpful climate to exchange.

He said Pakistan would keep on featuring the Kashmir debate and the freedoms of abused Kashmiri individuals at every worldwide gathering.

He lamented that Indian occupation powers were proceeding with the killing binge in involved Kashmir.

Since the beginning of this current year, he said, somewhere around 15 Kashmiris had succumbed to extra-legal killings in counterfeit experiences thus called cordon-and-search activities. Somewhere around 210 Kashmiris were martyred in 2021. India, he noted, was likewise improperly focusing on writers and basic freedoms safeguards.

P-5 explanation invited
The FO representative invited the P-5 Joint Statement on Preventing Nuclear War and Avoiding Arms Races as a positive turn of events.

Nonetheless, he highlighted that the acknowledgment of the goal of worldwide demilitarization would require a helpful security climate.

This, he said, could occur through the end of undermining arms construct ups and tending to imbalances, settlement of questions and obligation to vital steadiness rather than a contest.




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