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The United States said it was ready to take in thousands more Afghans whose US links put them at risk from the Taliban as Western troops leave, but the asylum-seekers will face an arduous journey to safety.

By the time the United States ended the longest war in history, the State Department had expanded its refugee status to more than about 20,000 Afghans with an interpreting program to support the US military and diplomats.

The U.S. Department of State said in a statement, “Given the increasing violence in the Taliban, the U.S. government will provide certain Afghan people, including those who have worked with the US, with the opportunity to resettle refugees in the US. I’m working hard for that. “

“This designation extends the opportunity for permanent re-establishment in the United States to thousands of Afghans and their relatives who can be at risk through their US partnership.” 

The State Department said the expanded qualifications included Afghan people who worked with US-based media and non-governmental organizations and participated in US funded projects.

The Department of State has also acted as an interpreter or other supporter for the Us led Joint Army but is to allow more Afghans who have not responded to the previous requirement in time.

The first group of more than 200 interpreters from Taliban gains on the ground arrived in the United States on Friday as part of what’s called “Operation Allied Refuge.” Unlike interpreters, the United States has no immediate plans to exit new suitable Afghans. Instead of they must find their way in Afghanistan and support themselves in the long process.

“But we will continue to review the situation in the field and take every option to protect those who have served with or for us. We will continue to review,” said a US official said.

Applicants cannot claim to come to the United States in person but must obtain a referral from their current or former employer. When arriving outside Afghanistan, processing takes anywhere from a year to 14 months, officials said. Another major importer of Afghan refugees in Iran, which has no diplomatic relations with the United States. A second US official said potential applicants have already moved to Turkey from Iran and are temporary residences of millions of refugees in Syria.

The State Department designates new refugees at so-called Priority 2, the same level given to a persecuted minority in some countries. President Joe Biden ordered the withdrawal of remaining American troops by the end of the month, ending the longest war in American history. With the Taliban on the offensive, the Biden regime acknowledges concerns about the stability of an internationally supported government.

However, the United States claims to have accomplished its stated mission of doing what is possible and excluding the al-Qaeda militants that executed September 11, 2001, attacks before continuing.


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